Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sculpted Brains..

Although I swore I would never do it, here I am making custom sculpties. It has been interesting so far, but a little constricting, especially since in RL too, I am not used to working for other people. I think though, that the challenge has been good for me, and has given me time to rest and refresh my own creative juices.

Maybe because it is a time intensive project, my mind is suddenly bursting with things that I want to make for myself, and for our store. It has also been educational doing work on other people's vision, which is an absolute first for me in SL.

While working on this project I also found more ways to push my sculpties as far as detail and LOD quality. Practice makes perfect, they say, but in truth, practice opens up new roads and new possibilities. And I think when I am done, I will enjoy getting back to my own work, and hopefully pushing boundaries with ideas and new projects.

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