Friday, 22 October 2010

Low Low Goodies

I know that colder weather is on the way in the Northern Hemisphere. And yes of course we are madly making new stuff that will warm your bones.
But because I have been terribly derelict about blogging, let me give you a few examples of our low, low goodies in the store.

First, my favorite;
The Smoosh.
Just 2 prims of goodness (one for the Smoosh and one for the shadow), The Smoosh Duo is chockfull of couple yumminess.

You can sit together, read, cuddle, massage and sleep.
And if you're alone.. no problem, the Smoosh Duo has a single menu too.

We have over 15 different textures to choose from. Suitable for indoor and outdoor because we have a rattan range of Smoosh too.

To compliment the Smoosh Duo, we made a smaller Smoosh Solo, which has only the solo menu... a variety of sitting, reading and sleeping animations.

The animations were made especially for the Smoosh. There is no feel of compromise here. In fact all of our unusually shaped furniture will have animations that have been created just for that piece, or have been adjusted out of world to fit that particular piece of furniture.

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3 prims of sculpted goodness (including the shadow)
The Deckchair has a naturally draped canvas seat that appears to conform to the laws of gravity instead of just being a curved scultpty.
All of the textures have been lovingly created and baked for a more real look.

4 unique animations made especially for the deckchair. Adjustable with setting memory for 50 unique avatars. No need to sit with bits of you sticking out of the back of the chair ^^.

There are many colours to choose from, and many more on the way. Don't see the colours you like, just shout. We are always happy to match up items to your home at no extra cost.

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